Turn 12

Automation has never been this easy to set up. Turn 12 is a low-threshold automation that does not require complex programming skills. You can start right away with our quick setup, intuitive software, and you'll be up and running in 5 minutes. This model is perfect for small series and small parts.

We've got you covered. Turn 12 is a modular system for workpiece storage, handling, and programming in machine production. Simply load the workpieces you need, program them in the automated machine, and let it do the work for you!


Turn 12

Small and medium series - turning Lathe. Payload each workpiece max 4kg. max workpiece diameter 160


1 - Schunk grippers - easy change gripping diameter

2 - Clamping force regulation for each of gripper

3 - Robotic arm 12 or optional 20 kg payload

4 - Trolley #1 & #2 with various matrix types

5 - Coolant collecting tray

6 - Rotating trolley system - allows to change trolleys from bandsaw

7 - Floor laser scanner including 2 zones: SLOW / STOP/RESTART

8 - HandyBOT Control panel - 3 steps configuration

9 - Safety wall

10 - Robot Cabinet

HandyBOT Turn12





Compact solution

A space-saving solution that greatly assist the work of the machinery CNC operator and the employee can service multiple equipment at the same time. This increases productivity and reduces the cost increase profitability.

Quick prepare for next batch

Our developed a rotating trolley system to take full advantage of the machining time of the CNC machine and prepare for the production of another product in advance. When the automation system finishes loading one of the trolley you can prepare the other trolley for operation. You can do this while the loader is running. After starting a new configuration and entering new data, as well as starting the reloading process, the robotic hand will turn the trolley to the working side and start loading.


Functionality and price combination

Compared to pneumatic workpiece loading systems, Turn12 is a faster and simpler solution that companies choose to help automate CNC machines.

Make your business automated


  1. Easy 3-Step configuration Control Panel
  2. Three point grippers - Quick change gripping diameter
  3. Clamping force regulation for each of gripper
  4. Robotic arm 12 or optional 20 kg payload
  5. Rotating trolley system
  6. Coolant collecting tray
  7. Floor laser scanner including 2 safety zones
  8. Safety wall

Time is valueable - use it right

Let the repetitive tasks to be done by automation and encourage your operators for tasks that requires experience to use their potential








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