Make your business automated


Unique rotating trolley design

We target to save valuable your employees time. Move workpieces from bandsaw only once!

Easy 3 step setup

Custom made interface that ask you only it's necessary fields to fill - all robot movement programs adjusted to the data you enter

Quick return on Investment

Think different, think industry 4.0 to stay competative on the market


Turn 12 is a high-tech product that provides movable trolleys for workpieces straight from bandsaw. With our unique movable trolleys for workpieces, you can cut workpieces on the bandsaw and place it on the trolley, which can then be easily transported to our station. Reduce the time spent preparing workpieces by half with our 2-in-1 rotating trolley system. It's compatible to load/unload from two trolleys and this can be done during loading/unloading process. Each trolley consist of coolant dip tray – that can be poured out easily.

Trolleys are integrated into the rotating loading system. Grid-plate are adjustable in height for workpieces. Different grid-plate sizes. New batches can be setup while working. The system is modular, scalable, and easy to reconfigure.



Turn 12 is a robot programming interface that makes your loading process easy and you don't need any knowledge about the robotic programming language. This user-friendly interface is very intuitive and you can set up and maintain your loading process within a few minutes.



Turn 12 is a precision part gripping system built for the automation of small parts assembly. It has a design which is well-suited to the automation industry, with its robustness and configurability. Its modularity of gripper and finger design, along with its high performance of productivity, make it an attractive option for automating assembly of small parts.




Turn 12, with its datalogic laser floor scanner is the safest way to load your materials. Made for optimization, this product will make it easier to ensure safety during your loading process by slowing down robotic arm movement in certain zones and stop when subject comes too close to an unsafe zone. With very few fencing required, Turn 12 will make sure your loading process runs smoothly with this new innovation in the market.



Tired of having to manually clean your machinery chunk? Say goodbye to the hassle and buy a Turn 12. Designed with a built-in air blower, this robotic arm will take care of the dirty work for you!



We're sure you've come across a problem that needs to be solved when it comes to an I/O interface for either your new or existing machinery. That is why we simplified I/O interface that offers everything you need, giving you complete flexibility of how you want to use it.


robot armROBOTIC ARM

Did you know that most of the time robotic arm is idling? This gave us the thought of using imported robot arm which is stable, accurate and sustainable (±0.06 mm repeatability) in order to reduce costs.

We have choose major Chinese / Italian industrial robotic brand TURIN as manipulator which is widely used in China factories that manufacture components for Lenovo, Apple, Volkvagen, Philips.



In the case your machinery has no robotic interface / automatic door opener - we use special finger and custom robotic programming in order to open / close machinery doors. In order to increase productivity we can install automatic door control.